Downtown Sag Harbor in the afternoon, Sept. 22, 2010.

Sag Harbor’s pier as the moon comes up on Sept. 22, 2010.

Sag Harbor’s harbor as the sun comes up Sept. 23, 2010.

DSC_1750_copyLeaving Steinbeck’s driveway at dawn on Sept. 23, 2010.

“Charley” & America in Pictures

In the fall of 2010, when I retraced the road trip John Steinbeck made for his bestseller “Travels With Charley,” I took nearly 2,000 pictures of America and Americans. I took snapshots of people I met, places I went or things I thought were interesting, pretty, funny or stupid. I photographed many places Steinbeck mentions in “Travels With Charley” as well as hotels and homes he stayed at while on his 1960 journey.

Some of my photos are pretty good, some are blurry or kind of crazy. Many were taken through my car windows at 70 mph.

Collectively they help me tell the true story of “Travels With Charley” and provide a hint of the beautiful country and good people I saw on my high-speed dash down the Steinbeck Highway.



One Response to Steinbeck’s driveway, 50 years after

  1. Moh says:

    I can see why you’re frustrated. John made the reader a promise about True America, and then he broke it. But, I can also see where John was coming from. As one of the greatest fiction writers of his age, he was used to telling big stories with big story arcs and conflict and character development and resolution. When you get out on the road, you may track down some of those elements. But do you see enough to fill a book? Probably not the sort of book John was used to writing. Some writers can’t help but dream up what goes on around them. That might not be such a bad thing. As for his wife, whoa. I wonder what she thought of being left out of that manuscript?