Steinbeck's first two sleepouts in his camper shell were on a dairy farm above his kid's exclusive boarding school in Deerfield, Mass.


The farmhouse was vacant but still in great shape on Sept. 24, 2010.


But the barns and fields of the farm were being reclaimed by nature and in the orchard the apples were rotting on the ground..


“Charley” & America in Pictures

In the fall of 2010, I retraced the road trip John Steinbeck made for his bestseller “Travels With Charley.” Along with posting blogs to “Travels Without Charley” at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, I took nearly 2,000 pictures of America and Americans.

I took snapshots of people I met, places I went or things I thought were interesting, pretty, funny or stupid. I photographed many places Steinbeck mentions in “Travels With Charley” as well as hotels and homes he stayed at while on his 1960 journey.

Some of my photos are pretty good, some are blurry or kind of crazy. Many were taken through my car windows at 70 mph.

Collectively they help me tell the true story of “Travels With Charley” and provide a hint of the beautiful country and good people I saw on my high-speed dash down the Steinbeck Highway.